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Aloha & Coffee

Posted on September 22 2018

In the second of our Sunday Series, we discuss career changes, yoga, Bali, and juggling it all, with Pretty Athletic Ambassador Zoe from Aloha & Coffee (who incidently, has just won the Health Bloggers Award for best Yoga, Wellbeing and Spirituality Blog 2018!)

Where did the title of your blog, ‘alohaandcoffee’, come from? 

Aloha is Hawaiian and is used when greeting or parting as a rule but has a deeper meaning, it's a way of life and a spirit. When I visited and got married in Hawaii it deeply affected me so Aloha was a natural name for me. it encompasses my yoga, my spirit, and my wellness. Coffee is my alter ego. I love coffee, I love food, brunch, breakfast. SO I joined them together to make my brand.

How did you first get started with yoga? 

I fell into it after doing a yoga-based IG challenge because my ego said I could do it! I began following online tutorials because I wanted to perfect my arm balances but as I practiced more and more I fell in love with the mindful side of yoga. I had a stressful job, I was always anxious and snapping and people and slowly yoga gave me the tools to slow down and be a better person. Gradually I built up the courage to attend classes and fell in love with everything about yoga.

What inspired you to step away from a corporate career and into the wellness industry? 

My corporate career was me doing what I thought was expected of me, working a 9-5 and taking care of my family but it made me unhappy. After I trained as a yoga instructor I started teaching alongside my 9-5 but it wasn't working for me or my family so I bit the bullet and turned my back on working for someone else. As well as the wellness industry, I also co-own a PR, branding and communications agency with my husband which is the perfect compromise and fits hand in hand with my yoga.

Aside from yoga, what is your favourite way to get your body moving? 

I've recently started CrossFit. I wanted to build my cardio fitness and strength again but hate running. I'd wanted to try it for so long but I was scared of starting something from scratch again but I bit the bullet and signed up to a trial pass and I love it! It's a complete physical and mental challenge for me and it's pushing me way out of my comfort zone

Do you have any gym-bag must-haves to help you through the day? 

A s'well bottle to keep my water cold, my Pretty Athletic Workout Glow for post workout sweatiness but also for spraying on my face throughout the day to keep me cool. Spare hair ties- mine always snap! A tripod (or a trainer works well too!) for filming/taking pics, my resistance bands and some kind of snack (fruit, nuts, nut butter tubes) in case I'm caught out. I'm generally always hungry so it's always necessary!

You travel a lot, exploring top spots across the globe — where is your top wellness retreat destination? 

Bali!! I've been there 3 times in the past 18 months and I love it! I'm planning on holding my own retreat there in the future. It has everything a good retreat needs in my opinion. Good food, sunshine, amazing people and a feeling you can only experience it cant be described.

You’re a mum of 4, yoga teacher and blogger. How do you find time to do everything? 

And also business owner! I'm a naturally early riser so I find I get my workouts, emails, and admin done first thing while the kids are rushing around getting ready for school. I then have the day to focus on tasks that need to be done while the kids are at school. Be that teaching a private yoga session, writing a blog post, working on a campaign for a client. I meal prep alot for lunches and breakfasts so I know there's always something healthy to grab when I'm hungry and I'm lucky that my kids love cooking and prepping food so they are a godsend too! Honestly, though I don't think I'm half as busy as some people. I don't know my life any different so I just get on with it. I'm lucky that this is the life I 'designed' which means I genuinely love everything I do.

For more, follow Zoe on Instagram and www.alohaandcoffee.com



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