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As Seen In: Get the Gloss

Posted on February 27 2018

We're delighted to be described by Get the Gloss as "The Olympians' changing room skincare lineup of choice".

Do we need sports specific skincare?

"Bronze medal winning team GB Olympic athlete Laura Deas may only just be recovering from Sunday’s closing ceremony after party, but chances are that when she gets back on the workout wagon, she’ll be bookending training with a cosmetic warm-up and cool-down, at least if her Instagram is anything to go by. Like Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover MBE, she’s declared herself a fan of the ‘active’ skincare brand Pretty Athletic, a suitably British-made range that features lightweight, easily absorbed 95 per cent natural and vegan skincare products that aim to target the skincare needs of regular exercisers. Just how do the skincare demands of gym goers differ to those that are less active?

According to Pretty Athletic, clogged pores, redness, irritation and inflammation are just a few skin issues aggravated by exercise that constitute key customer concerns. We’ll throw acne into the ‘active’ skincare problem pile, because if you’ve ever suffered with even mild breakouts, you’ll be aware that a sweat-session can very often make the spot situation worse, particularly if you don’t wash your face pre and post workout."

Read the full Get the Gloss article here.

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