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Avoiding injury when training.

Posted on February 05 2019

We’re excited to bring you a guest blog post by Pretty Athletic ambassador and Army Physiotherapist Katrina Rye with tips on avoiding injury when training.


Training itself doesn't make you stronger or fitter it's all about the recovery and how much adaptation your body can go through. Physiologically your muscles get stronger and more efficient but your mind also learns to believe.

Strength and conditioning is often overlooked still, especially in endurance athletes, despite the growing popularity.

To give your body the best chance of making the most physiological gains after the hard sessions you need to have prepared it well enough underneath. This comes from minutes to hours of dedicated work on the "intangible gains". The small little bits that add up.

As a runner you need a stable platform from which to propel from at both ends of the lower limb. Control though the hip and stability from the ankle. Controlled step ups ^ is just one exercise that gives rise to a stronger functional platform from which to build.

Psychologically giving yourself time to breath and slow yourself down is a vital mental health relief in athletes who tend to constantly push themselves.

Don't forget to pamper afterwards and reward yourself just as you would after the hard sessions. Each one matters, focus on your goals. 


Guest post by Pretty Athletic ambassador Katrina Rye

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