Beauty Benefits of Exercise

Posted on January 05 2018

We exercise to look and feel better from the inside out, to feel more confident, to have more energy or maybe to lose those extra five pounds. While exercise is most commonly thought of as something that benefits the body, we believe it has some pretty great beauty benefits, too.

Get the Glow

Our skin cells receive their nourishment from tiny capillaries located deep within the inner layers of the skin. When we exercise and our heart rate increases, the increased blood flow pushes vitamins, minerals and oxygen in to those capillaries. Blood and oxygen are essential for healing and reducing inflammation so they best way to get that youthful glow is to get the blood pumping

Stop Stressing

Not only can the stress hormone cortisol wreck havoc on your waistline, but it also accelerates the ageing process. Its been shown to damage the collage and elastin that keeps your skin tight, while slowing down the production of new skin growth. Regular exercise creates healing endorphins that can effectively counteract the harmful effects of cortisol.

Feel Good

Many studies have shown the direct link between increased self-esteem and a regular exercise programme. Our feelings of self worth are directly tied to our energy levels, our feelings of competence and our perceived attractiveness and nothing is more radiant than the self-assurance that comes from feeling good in your own skin.

So what are you waiting for? Step away from the screen and start working up a sweat! 

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