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Don't Let Sweat Stop You!

Posted on October 16 2019

Today we catch up with Pretty Athletic ambassador and yoga queen Ruth Steel.

As part of their 'This Girl Can' campaign, Sport England revealed that one of the reasons preventing younger girls from exercising is a fear of "getting sweaty in front of people". We were keen to find out what Ruth thought about this...


Has sweat ever stopped you from exercising?

Sweat has definitely stopped me working out before. I kid you not when I was a teenager at school I would be so self-conscious about how I looked with sweat on my face and what boys thought. 

Ruth Steel

And it's all just completely irrelevant now - we should be working out because its a gift to be able to move our body and be able to nourish our body with the gift of movement!

Ruth Steel

So now I think about that as a treat for myself rather than having to work out or being bothered by what I look like and what’s going on with my skin!


How does exercise make you feel?

For me exercise makes me feel myself again.

When I haven’t been moving or exercising I feel really stuck in my body and as soon as I move I feel kind of just "aaah!" let that go, I can just be myself again.

I feel empowered and ready to have an awesome day!


Don't let sweat stop you, grab our Workout Glow and keep your skin clean and glowing no matter how hard you've worked! 💪🏼

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