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Nia Faraway Workout Essentials

Posted on February 28 2018

We discuss weight training, athleisure and music with Beauty & Wellness entrepreneur Nia Davies.

I’ve always been a habitual runner. When I was at university, it was my daily run (whatever the weather) that would get me through exam term in one piece.

However with the start of the new-year, a more autonomous schedule and yet another knee injury came the decision to try something different this time around. I enlisted the help of a personal trainer at my local gym and decided to try weight lifting for the first time in 26 years.

I have to admit – I am a convert! I still love a good weekly cardio sesh, dance class or yoga to unwind but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to increase the weight you are training with, month by month and witness yourself getting stronger.

My gym bag / workout essentials now include:

1) The Outfit

I live in athleisure, BekiBo being my new favourite place to shop fancy pants styles from a range of chic brands - all delivered in flexible, fast-drying, breathable fabrics.

2) The Playlist

I cannot train without musical motivation. Period. I collect a gym playlist on Soundcloud (username niaelindavies if you’re looking for a pre-made set) full of high tempo beats to keep me moving.

3) The Extra Bits

My trainer recommended that I wear a waist trainer and knee supports whilst working out. I only wear the waist trainer the day before a shoot because I personally find that it helps you temporarily sweat off more water weight around your stomach. I wear the knee supports when squatting, to help reduce the risk of injury.

4) The Hydration

I try to pack my BPA-free, 1.5L bottle and make sure I drink at least 1 filling a day. However it’s not the most practical size and it’s especially heavy when full!

I also put one of those solid activated charcoal sticks inside it, as a water filter (never looked into how effective this is but I do it anyway).

5) The Means Of Becoming Socially Presentable Again

Post workout, I’ll have already packed my Pretty Athletic Cool Down Kit, which contains a refreshing face wash and a soothing serum, to help reduce the tomato effect I seem particularly prone to!

I used to have incredibly bad skin as a teenager / in early adulthood so I am religious about my skincare routine after a sweaty workout. I don’t like to wear too much makeup either, so I’ll just pack a light mineral powder to sweep on afterwards and lip balm.

For more check out Nia's blog here.


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