In the second blog post of the series, we speak to Dani Rowe, Professional Cyclist and Olympic Champion to discover her Gym Bag Essentials! 

I want to start by saying I LOVE the gym. I can't put my finger on exactly why but it's one of my favourite ways to train. A break from sitting on a bike maybe, or just the buzz of training along side people with different goals. All I know for sure is that gym will forever be a part of my life & training regime. 

The nice thing about the gym is that it's not a massive ordeal to get ready for- you don't have to check how many layers of clothing you're going to need, or work out how many energy bars are required to get you through. My gym essentials are simply: 

My gym shoes- Nike Romaleos 3: These are specific weight lighting shoes. I admit I don't lift the heaviest weights being an endurance cyclist but these shoes mean I have maximum support to ensure I'm lifting safely & with the best technique. The rigid sole means my foot is stable when lifting, they are robust & additionally the lifted heel means I can get into a deeper position when squatting. 

Headphones: Music is a huge motivator for me when I'm training & I use it most days to get me through grim interval sessions. My gym training is usually done in the Welsh Institute of Sport & there's usually music blaring which I love (depending on the choice of playlist of course). However if for some reason I'm training away from Sport Wales I train in Pure gym which I believe is the most well equipped, public gym. When I go to Pure I'll always use my headphones as I'll be alone getting through the session with Beyonce in my ears. 

Recovery shake: I don't put myself through these sessions not to reap maximal benefits. That's why I'll always have a protein shake to hand for as soon as I've finished my gym session. I use SIS whey isolate after weight training as my body won't require immediate carbohydrates post gym unlike riding, so protein is sufficient to start the recovery process as soon as possible. 

Pretty Athletic Workout Glow: I've spent years trying to find a tonic that cleans my skin without it feeling tight & like it's been stripped off all natural oils. This product is perfect for someone like me who sweats multiple times a day!