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Race Against Time

Posted on September 03 2019

Do you ever feel like everything is a race against time?

There are 24 hours in a day but you’d really like there to be 34 just to get through everything and have time to breathe?

Here at Pretty Athletic we know how you feel so we’ve put together some ideas to help you claw back time and smooth out the pinch points during your week.



Why is it that the outfit that you want to wear for work (and that you have in your head as the perfect outfit for the day) is always creased, hiding somewhere or still at waiting to be washed?

It’s frustrating and it happens to us far too often!

The result is that second-best options have to be thought about, tried on, checked to see if they work with the weather… and eventually something gets chosen. After that, we always find that it’s a race to get out of the door, grab that life-giving coffee and be on time. 


Sunday night outfit planning for the week. Trust us, it sounds ultra-organised but it really does work. It takes out five mornings worth of umming and ahhing and gives you that valuable time back. Try it next week and see.



Here at Pretty Athletic we realise that, with a million things going on, your post-gym beauty routine needs to be on the money. 


We're all in agreement at Pretty Athletic HQ that multi-purpose, and multi-use, products can be a godsend.

Our Workout Glow brings you 3-in-1. It cleanses, nourishes and hydrates at exactly the right time, post-workout or at any moment when you need to chivvy things along a little bit. If you've not tried it, pop here and grab one now.

We've also got our eyes fixed on Nude Stix Nudies All Over Face Colour, it's a soft matte balm that works on your cheeks, eyes and lips (vegan and CF too) and none of us can live without our trusty COLAB dry shampoos!

So, make sure that the products in your kit bag are as skillful as possible and grab back those extra minutes as a result.



Finding the time to plan, purchase and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner takes important hours out of the day. 


Nail the two-meal formation.

This is simple, but it’s one we always forget.

When it comes to evening meals, cook for an extra person so that you’ve got lunch sorted for the next day. Whether you’re flying around all over the place, working from home or going into the office you’ll be relieved that you’ve got last night’s goodness ready.

It will save waiting in line in the office restaurant or at your favourite lunch establishment and gives you some extra time which could be used for a cheeky lunchtime workout. 



Hands up if you spend oodles of time looking at new workout clothes on Lululemon and Sweaty Betty but never quite get around to doing your food shop online?


Let your supermarket take the strain online.

Instead of charging around Waitrose on a precious Saturday, or stopping at your local Waitrose night by night, activate that online account and let them do the leg work. You’ll be able to avoid the stresses and strains of the aisles, have everything delivered to your door.



This is the ultimate problem really, isn't it! 


Take time out.

We know that this one sounds counter-intuitive but taking a ten-minute break can actually create extra time.

Hear us out on this one…

How many times have you forged through because there’s just so much to do and you just need to get things finished? How many times have you then made a mistake as a result and had to go back and do something all over again? Yep, we have!

Give your brain a mini break of its own instead of powering through. That short refresh and refocus can work wonders so pop and get that coffee that you’ve been craving, take a few minutes to book that workout that you meant to book earlier or add your two pennies worth into your group WhatsApp chat. You’ll feel better for it and after, you're likely to hit the nail of the head first time and grab back some valuable time. 

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