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Testing, testing...

Posted on March 02 2018

We've invited a number of women to try our skincare, asking them to use them regularly for a number of weeks and then to report back with their findings!
As a new brand, it's important for us to get as many people trying our skincare, giving us feedback to help others decide whether our products are for them, and also to help us continue to improve as we expand our skincare range.
First up is the lovely Emily:
I had on test the purifying gel cleanser, gel moisturiser, and the cell repair serum. I have been so impressed with them all and they have been wonderful for my skin. 
I probably do 80% of my sport and exercise outside, as well as often working outside, so my skin feels the effects of the weather, especially the winter. I also tend to wear make up when I'm training and working, so I guess that doesn't always help my skin! 

I have 100% seen a difference in the quality of my skin, I have way less blemishes which is awesome!  My favourite thing is to leave the gel cleanser on for 5 minutes as a face mask, followed by applying the cell repair serum over night, which smells gorgeous. I only have great things to say about the gel moisturiser too. In the past I have tried gel moisturisers and they have been sticky, however the Pretty Athletic moisturiser is a dream, leaving skin soft and smelling beautiful. It's wonderful to have natural products on the market that work so well and keep my skin looking and feeling great even out in the cold weather!  Thank you Pretty Athletic :) 

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