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My Gym Bag: Legallygymliving

Posted on February 19 2018

We speak to fitness blogger and lawyer Briony from Legallygymliving about her gym bag essentials! 

What's in my gym bag?

Having my gym back always prepped, packed and ready to go is one of the key ways I stay motivated to get workouts in - if I have to pack it early in the morning before work, it just makes me more likely to slack off, so I love to have everything pre-loaded. I need my beauty and skincare stuff easily accessible too so that I don't turn up at work looking like a beetroot! 

I keep my gym bag quite corporate as I work in a law firm and don't always have time to switch to a handbag, so Fact + Fiction (formerly GymTote) is my go-to as I need something that has separate compartments for sweaty kit and different sections for your work essentials!

It's pretty much divided into three parts (I usually commute in my kit):

🌟the Just In Case essentials (spare sports bra, like this cheeky Gymshark one, clean underwear and a bottle of water!) You know how it is girls! Books are also a must for me incase I get stuck on the tube too so my mind gets some action as well!

🌟Skincare (I discovered Pretty Athletic in Harper's Bazaar recently and I have to say I'm in LOVE with their Workout Glow Hydraulic Vitamin Tonic and Recovery Boost Cell Serum Repair) I've never had "problem skin" per se and I'm a wash and go kinda girl - too busy for hour long facials! But as I slid past 25 and closer to 30, and got into fitness in a big way, the salty sweat factor started to take its toll on my skin. I LOVE that Pretty Athletic products are easy to slip into my bag, spritz and go, and as well as being designed for active women, they're vegan - completely cruelty free 💕  

They really work for me as a quick post workout fix but leave my skin soooo much smoother. The Cell Serum Repair has been the biggest game changer and really revitalised my skin for a silkier post-workout glow!

If I have time the Cool Down cleanser is so refreshing and smells gorgeous (Aloe there, cucumber) too! It's amazing if you have a bit more time after a Sunday yoga session as well, as you can leave it to dry on for a purifying face mask.

🌟the Beauty Bits - boring but true - I never go anywhere without my Vaseline, especially in cold weather it's essential for me as I suffer from chapped lips in Winter! I also love Rituals Hair & Body oil as a leave-in conditioner to quickly defrizz my locks post-workout shower!

After applying my Pretty Athletic skincare magic, I like to let it really sink in and do it's work so I leave off the heavy makeup and let my skin breathe, so I keep a red lippie incase I need to be smarter and more put together (pictured here is my cheeky Charlotte Tilbury in So Marilyn) and a nude gloss for those days where I want a more natural look (Tanya Burr Champagne Toast is a fave!)

A spritz of perfume is always essential for me (I love scent, I'm an addict!) Mon Guerlain is a current obsession of mine for when I need to channel my inner Angelina Jolie.

Some days, as well as my main gym bag, I double up with a cheeky Reebok pack that I love (camo is my guilty pleasure) for my boxing gloves - boxing is my favourite way to train and I like to use them at Kobox rather than borrow the communal sweaty ones 😉)

What's in your gym bag? Any top tips for keeping it organised?



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