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My Kit Bag: Zoe de Toledo

Posted on May 25 2018

Since retiring from international coxing after the 2016 Olympics, I've now been able to focus more on my own training and fitness goals, rather than spending most of my time sitting on my bum shouting at the "proper" athletes! I've started lifting weights, and am currently trying to spend plenty of time on the rowing machine, as this summer I'm going to be part of an expedition rowing 900km down the Kafue River in Zambia to raise money for clean water project (see www.rowzambezi.com for more details).

--Queen B Athletics leggings (and usually sports bra too) - not only the comfiest leggings around, but also the only ones I trust to actually be "squat-proof" (i.e. I can wear nothing underneath and not worry about them becoming see-through when I squat! There's a reason I own half a dozen pairs of these.

--Headphones - I'm not fussy, I usually just use a cheap pair I probably picked up in the airport on the way to an international race or training camp. I tend to listen to podcasts on my phone whilst training rather than music - I particularly love The West Wing Weekly and The Archers Omnibus.

--Pretty Athletic skincare - I have always been horribly lazy about my skincare, and actually lucky that I've never really had bad problems with breakouts. However, I do get really dry skin, especially if I've been outside exercising in the cold, for which I've found Pretty Athletic's Recovery Boost Serum to big a big help. I also end up beetroot red after my cardio sessions, and I swear that the Cool Down Gel Cleanser actually makes my face look normal again, as we as feeling amazingly soothing after I leave the gym. The best thing about these products for me is the ease, no complicated skincare routines, just simple and highly effective products.

--Water bottle - Goes without saying, but I love this bottle that we got in Rio, just for it's size!

--Gym bag - My beautiful and practical McWilliams bag. Handmade in Cork, Ireland, from old sails, these bags are waterproof, easy to keep clean, and can be personalised with your name, sports club, anything you can think of.

Zoe de Toledo is a British rowing cox who won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She coxed the eight that won the gold medal at the 2016 European Rowing Championships.

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