Zoe's Workout Essentials

Posted on February 06 2018

What's in a GB athlete's gym bag? What are the key fitness bloggers' workout essentials? A top personal trainer's post-workout skincare tips? Join us as we find out..

In today's blog post, yoga instructor and blogger Zoe from 'Aloha & Coffee' talks us through her key workout essentials.

I love to move my body every day in a variety of different ways. I always practice yoga, whether it be a sweaty hour long flow or a 10 minute stretch, that's my non-negotiable. I don't stick to a routine as I like to mix things up and keep it interesting!  Sometimes I box, sometimes I lift weights, somedays I pound the pavements with my dogs and get some air in my lungs.  Most of my working out is done either at home in my studio or outside. As a mom, yoga teacher and business owner I need my workouts to be short and effective and I need my routine to be the same. 

I always have my favourites to hand for before, during and after my workouts.  These are some of my workout essentials (or if you're like me and workout from home my 'always on hand to grabs')

1) My resistance bands. They fit into my pocket and are great for activating the glutes and getting a good booty burn!

2) My yoga mat.  I have about 15 different mats, I keep one in the car, one in my bedroom, a few in the studio, even my kids have their own.... that way I always have a mat so I can flow wherever I am. 

3) My Pretty Athletic Workout Glow.  It's amazing after a sweaty workout for an immediate pick me up.  I try not to wear make up when I workout and this is the perfect cleanser and freshener for pre and post workout! (I also use it as a toner post morning and evening cleanse before applying my recovery boost serum)

4) My tripod.  I love to film my workouts and flows and as I'm always creating content it's a must have to grab and go.  I check my form when lifting weights and look back at my yoga flows to see my alignment and also to see what I have done as I tend to get carried away on the mat and don't always remember what I did.

5) My s'well bottle. I drink a lot of water.  I always carry a bottle with me and my s'well bottle not only keeps my water super cold but it's eco friendly. We are big into reducing waste at the moment in our house and we have switched plastic water bottles for reusable, banned plastic straws and are making every effort to reduce plastic consumption overall. 

For more on Zoe check out her gorgeous Instagram page here

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