Posted on December 28 2017

New year, new resolutions.

For many, the promises we make to ourselves at this time of year are fleeting, motivated primarily by post-Christmas guilt. We swear off chocolate, cheese and alcohol and sign up to gruelling workout regimes with the aim of self-improvement. Unfortunately, more often than not, these personal projects fail, but what if you had an entire community of support to help you make a change, not just for yourself, but for the world?

Enter Veganuary, a charity founded in 2014 with hopes of encouraging people to go Vegan for January. 

What is it?

Following in the footsteps of established month-long movements, including a 'Sober October' and 'Movember', co-founders Jane and Matthew started Veganuary. They hoped that by positioning this initiative over a month representing fresh beginnings and would prove to be effective. In its first year, 3300 people stepped up to the Veganuary challenge, a figure which has reached over 100,000 for 2018; for 2016, over a third of participants identified as omnivores, and more than half claimed to be maintaining the vegan lifestyle in the months following. Jane and Matthew were certainly right!

How can you get involved?

If you're interested in going vegan, or simply fancy a new challenge to kick off the year, joining in couldn't be easier: simply sign up on the website and you will receive supportive emails for every day of your 31-day challenge. There are also numerous online communities you can join across social networks, as well as extensive information and advice on how to navigate the vegan lifestyle. 

Find out more, and sign up to Veganuary here!

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