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Q | What is Pretty Athletic?

Pretty Athletic is a new skincare brand for active women. The textures, ingredients and performance of each product have been carefully designed and formulated to meet the specific skincare needs of active women.  


Q | Where are Pretty Athletic products made?

All our skincare is formulated and manufactured in Suffolk, England.


Q | Are Pretty Athletic products natural?

All products in our range contain a minimum of 95% ingredients that are naturally derived. Our facial skincare products are minimum 98%.


Q | Why are your products natural?

We have made a conscious decision to be a natural skincare brand: this means for example, that we don't use synthetic ingredients such as SLS which can strip the skin of its natural oils, silicones that simply coat the skin, or plastic microbeads which harm the environment. We focus on using plant oils, botanical extracts and ingredients, as well as key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 


Q | Are Pretty Athletic products tested on animals?



Q | Why are your products registered with the Vegan Society? 

The Vegan Society is an independent charity which assesses products to ensure that they contain no animal ingredients, that its ingredients have never been tested on animals, and that the processing aids used in the manufacturing process are vegan. 


Q | When do I use Pretty Athletic skincare products? 

Workout Glow: Use this pre & post workout.

Recovery Boost: Use this nightly, underneath your moisturiser or alone. 

Cool Down Cleanser: Use this pre & post workout.

Instant Refresh Shower Scrub: Use this post workout.

Hydration Kick Body Moisturiser: Use this post workout (and also pre-workout if exercising outside)


Q | What if I don't like the products? 

When you shop with us you're covered by our 30-day returns policy. We're so convinced that you and your skin will love Pretty Athletic. So if for any reason you're not loving Pretty Athletic, get in touch within 30 days and we'll swap your product/s for something that suits you better or give you a full refund.







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