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Are electrolytes as effective as hyaluronic acid for skincare?

More usually found in sports drinks, electrolytes are minerals that keep the body’s balance of fluids at the proper level.

Electrolyte skincare

Water and electrolytes are lost when you sweat, and as a result athletes often use sports drinks to replace both, ensuring good hydration.

A more recent development in the beauty industry, but working off the same principle, is electrolyte-infused skincare. These products are supposedly ideal for dehydrated skin, providing minerals that enable the skin to fully hydrate. The most common electrolytes are Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphate and Potassium. The theory is that they allow your cells to generate energy, helping to regulate the water levels in your body.

However, whether electrolyte infused skincare does indeed provide the skin with the necessary minerals to fully hydrate, has still to be proved. We have yet to see anything definitive on the subject and in practice, most of these "electrolyte-infused products" on the market contain a cocktail of other fabulous ingredients including tried-and-tested hydration-boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Have you tried electrolyte infused skincare? What are your thoughts?

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