Q&A with Annie from @the_running_girls

Q&A with Annie from @the_running_girls

What first got you into running?

I first got into running to raise money for charity after being diagnosed with UC. It helped me cope with the diagnosis as I felt I was giving back. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm Annie, 33 from Edinburgh! I love to run, drink coffee and eat cinnamon buns ❤️ I'm currently a self employed project manager which I am absolutely loving. It's gave me the freedom and creativity that I thrive on and being your own boss is pretty fun! 

Annie from the Running Girls

You recently ran the London Marathon. Please tell us a little more about this!

This year I ran the London Marathon and it was the victory lap I had been waiting on! The training was hard, the actually race itself didn't go as planned as I got too excited and jetted off as if I was at a Parkrun but those last 3 miles will be etched in my memory forever. I was so proud of myself when that moment of 'omg I'm actually going to finish this' hit, and seeing my 18month old daughter at 800m to go with her tambourine was just something else. I'm so excited to sit and watch the marathon on the TV with her each year and relive that time 'mummy ran a marathon'

What's your favourite Pretty Athletic product?

So...I'm a big fan of the workout glow. It's been my fav for years! However, there's now a new contender! The Renew eye serum is amazing! I ran out of it a few weeks back and felt like something was just missing! I missed it so bad! Thankfully I am now restocked and my eyes are hydrated and glowing! 

Annie from the Running Girls

What are your kit bag essentials?

My Garmin watch as I literally feel lost without it (plus if it's not on Strava did it even happen?!) , shokz headphones to listen to either an podcast if I need to chill or a playlist if I want to push the speed and versus socks. I never knew the importance of having good running socks until I treated myself to some and my goodness the difference was amazing! Goodbye blisters! 

A huge thanks to our amazing ambassador Annie from @the_running_girls for sharing! For more you can follow her Instagram here! x


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