Q&A with @runningfliss

Q&A with @runningfliss

1. What first got you into running?

I got into running because my Mum and Dad went to our local parkrun and thought I would try it out.  I fell pregnant with my second child and ran up to 35 weeks which felt amazing. This was nearly 8 years ago. I hadn’t really done any exercise since school.  I can say running changed my life, and saved me.

Running fliss

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Felicity or Fliss, I work in Digital within the NHS, I am married with 2 children. I am lucky to live close to all my family and I GET to run. I get to run 35 miles a week thanks to the support of my husband.

3. Who or what inspires you to be active?

I am inspired by an amazing Instagram community plus knowing my children have a role model who is fit and healthy.

Running Fliss

4. You recently the Race to the Stones! Can you tell us a little more about this? 

I recently did Race to the Stones, this was my target race for 2023, 100km with lots of hills (for someone who lives in Flat Cambridgeshire).  The training was hard, 3am alarms to get 18-23 miles in before work. The day was unreal, I had all my family supporting me plus 3 friends who took phones calls along the way.  It was hot then cold, sunny then rain.  I did it 100km just around 13 hours, apart from my first ultra, this is my biggest running achievement.

5. What's your favourite Pretty Athletic product and why?

My favourite Pretty Athletic product is Recovery Boost – I use it ALL the time, I take it to races and its always the product I recommend to first timers. The smell the texture, the applicator – it is THE BEST…. I don’t really wear makeup and always feeling glowing when I have this on.

Running Fliss

6. What are your kit bag essentials?

Kit bag essentials,: Pretty Athletic Recovery Boost, Fresh socks, and post run snack (no matter what the distance).  Keep it basic.

Thanks so much Felicity! For more check out her Instagram at @runningfliss

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