Q&A with Tasha Thompson

Q&A with Tasha Thompson

Who or what inspires you to be active?

I am inspired to be active to improve my health and not inherit hereditary diseases that run in my family. Everyday women balancing and juggling so many things and still making time to be active inspire me. It's amazing to see ordinary people to extraordinary things.

What first got you into running?

I have always been interested in running.  I ran at school and when I joined my local gym the treadmill was my favourite piece of cardio equipment. I tried running outside one day and despite it feeling much harder I discovered I loved the changing scenery. I entered a 5km race and haven't looked back. I decided to lead an active lifestyle to minimise my chances of inheriting the hereditary diseases diabetes and hypertension which both run in my family.

Can you share a little more about yourself?

I am a mother of two who fell in love with running in 1999 and is still running strong. I founded the running community Black Girls Do Run UK in 2019 to encourage more black women to run at grass roots level as I saw a lack of black women at races I attended. I run for finish lines and not finish times, love encouraging people to find their own happy pace and my long term running plan is to keep running for as long as my legs will let me.

Tasha Thompson

You've done loads of races this year! Can you tell us a little more about them?

I have run 17 races this year the most recent was the Great South Run, a 10-mile race in Portsmouth. It was lovely to get away from London and run by the sea. It was my first time running this race and it excites me to run new to me events.  Other exciting races I have ran for 2023 is The London Marathon which was hard work, but good fun and the best part was my 12 year old son telling me how proud he was of me. I also ran a 5k event in Jamaica while I was visiting my parents this summer, it was a really lovely event for a great cause, raising money for the Paralympic team.

Q&A with Tasha Thompson

What's your favourite Pretty Athletic product and why?

My favourite product keeps changing as every time I try something new I find a new favourite. My current favourite is the Instant Refresh Invigorating Shower Scrub as it makes my skin feel great and the smell energises me.

 What are your kit bag essentials?

For the past year the Pretty Athletic Muscle Therapy: Sports Body Oil with Arnica has been a permanent item in post-long run kit bag. It smells divine and glides on beautifully and ensures I give my legs a good massage post-long run.

A huge thanks to Tasha for sharing! You're such an inspiration!! For more check out her insta here! x

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