Hayley is running London

Hayley is running London

And...it's the London Marathon weekend!! It's the largest marathon event in the UK and one that everyone says has THE most amazing atmosphere and supporters!

Our amazing ambassador Hayley is running this Sunday, so of course we had to ask her more about why she is running and how she prepares! Good luck Hayley and to all of those running! We hope you have the best time!

What inspired you to start running, and how has it impacted your life?

I first ran in 2016 whilst training for The Great North Run. I was a complete novice and just did the race in 2017 and out running to bed for a few years! Then, Covid hit and I have a very busy mind, so I decided to use my hour a day to incorporate some running. I fell in love! And I've not looked back. I've met so many incredible people through the running community, I can't imagine life without them....or running!

Hayley is running the London Marathon

How do you balance running with other commitments in your life?

If you want something enough, you will always make time. So, early mornings and later evenings. Family always comes first, so making sure I talk through my plans with my family and see where compromise can be met. It's hard at times, but I'd get up at a really early hour if it meant getting me closer to my goal.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated during training?

Trust the process. Just lace up and get out. I've never regret a run. I may have procrastinated for 7 hours, but I've never regret a single run.

I also run for people that can't. I'm hugely sentimental, so on the days I'm really struggling, I think about friends or family that can't run. I have had a few elderly people who have said to me "do a mile for me"....so I do!

Hayley is running the London Marathon

How do you deal with bad weather during runs?

I look at it from the right side of the window! Haha! Sometimes I reschedule runs, sometimes I just get out and get it done. Often, knowing there is something like a warm bath to come home to! I'm not a huge fan of bad weather, but again, I always think you can't predict race day. So, I kit up and get out.

Do you prefer running alone or with a group? Why?

Very good question! I'm a bit of both. I LOVE running with others and chatting away, but I balance that with also needing my own headspace. I'll make decisions that are best for me on a day by day basis. I'm very lucky in that I've usually got someone I could arrange a run with if I wanted some company. Sometimes I love the simplicity of being alone with my own thoughts, some decent music and a podcast.

Hayley is running the London Marathon

You're running London! Why did you decide to do this?

I said no more marathons! But here we are!! In all seriousness, my wife lost her Nan and Aunt to cancer. Her Aunt being very young and leaving behind her husband and 2 (young) adult children. In her final weeks and months, St Nicholas hospice supported her and the family. Now, raising money for St Nic's has become so important to my whole family. I contacted them and asked about London and was delighted when they told me I had got through their ballot and had a place! It's London! It's a world major! It's so exciting!

It's just a few days until the marathon, how are you feeling about it?

I have a really nervous/excitement energy! I can't believe it is here already. I was in Manchester at the weekend with a group of friends and my Mum, who ran the marathon! So I think I have the excitement of race day already!

What will you do on the Saturday?

Just try and stay stress free. My childhood best friend is also running, we've been friends for over 30 years. So I'm hoping to have half an hour with her to get super excited and probably have a little emotional sob! Happy tears only! Then I'll eat pizza! Always a pizza the day before a race....nothing spicy!

Hayley is running the London Marathon

Any pre-race rituals for the Sunday morning?

Not necessary rituals. But I always have a bagel and jam 2 hours before and a banana an hour before.

What are your marathon day kit essentials?

  • I'd say my hydration. I get panicked if I don't carry water, so I like to have it with me. It's like a safety blanket.
  • Runderwear
  • Pretty Athletic Rescue Balm.
  • Versus socks - I've never had one blister!
  • A smile šŸ˜ƒ

Finally, what's your favourite Pretty Athletic product and why?

I'm not sure I can only choose one!!! I'd have to say, my favourite is the Muscle Therapy: Sports body Oil. I've found it amazing after a run.

Thank you so much Hayley! Wishing you ALL the best of luck for Sunday!

You can follow Hayley here: https://www.instagram.com/hayley_runs_here/


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