Is running good for your skin?

Is running good for your skin?



Is Exercise Good For Your Skin?

Yes! Exercise gets the blood pumping and opens up vessels near the skin, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to help keep you looking healthy and radiant. And even after you've cooled down, the effects will last!

In addition, regularly running keeps your body, and your skin, fighting fit. Exercise primes your muscles, both in your limbs and body but also your face, to be supple and healthy. Toned muscles will keep overlying skin supported and reduce the saggy bits and wrinkles!

Sweating is important for your body to cool itself down when you exercise. Whilst sweat itself won't damage your skin, not showering after exercise will leave the sweat residue and oils on your skin that bacteria like to feed on. This causes body odors and sometimes skin irritation. A gentle cleanser like our Cool Down: Purifying Gel Cleanser is a key part of any post-workout skin routine. For glowing skin no matter how hard you sweat!

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