Endurance Sport Fuelling

Endurance Sports Fuelling

Endurance Sport Dietician Alexandra Cook has analysed top British runner and Pretty Athletic ambassador Charlotte Purdue's go-to post run smoothie. Read on for the recipe and Alexandra's analysis:

Charlotte Purdue runner

Charlotte Purdue's go-to recovery smoothie

  • 300 ml almond milk 
  • banana x 1 
  • 30g whey protein 
  • 10g chia seeds  
  • 65g mixed berries

Nutritional analysis

  • 330kcals 
  • 8g fat 
  • 26g carbohydrate 
  • 10g fibre 
  • 30g protein 
  • 0.5g salt

Charlotte Purdue nutrition

The smoothie is high in protein, which is vital for training adaptations and recovery.  Almond milk actually has very little protein in, so Charlotte has added whey protein (which is a fast release protein to get recovery going quickly) to replace the missing protein she would get if she used cows milk. Chia seeds also provide a protein source as well. It must be remembered though, protein is not only important post training! We must make sure we have protein at each meal and snack to ensure we are providing our body with the right amount of protein we need to meet daily requirements.  For example, a chicken breast for lunch, handful of nuts with Greek yogurt for snack.

This smoothie also has 0.5g of salt so great for helping to replace lost electrolytes without the need for electrolyte tablets!

If she wants some an extra calorie kick, Charlotte also sometimes adds 1-2 tbsp of nut butter. 1 tbsp gives you about 100kcals PLUS 4g of protein, so it's perfect for post training recovery.

Another nutrient that we need to consider when looking at recovery is carbohydrate. The smoothie alone is not high enough in carbs to ensure adequate recovery from a really tough session, so Charlotte follows this up very quickly with a carb rich, balanced meal  to ensure she gets the recovery process going ready for her next training session.

“To succeed in your sporting goals there are three pillars to your success, training, rest and nutrition. Far too many don’t consider the later and if they do, many consider it too late for it to make an impact on performance. Without correct nutrition, recovery will be slower and you won’t get the most out of your efforts. Your plan needs to reflect you as an individual and your intended goal.” (Alexandra Cook @thesportsdietitian )

For more, check out:

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