Best Running Trainers for Women

Best Running Trainers for Women


It’s not easy to choose a pair of trainers these days, especially since there’s so much variety of brands and styles. In the past a lot of people just used to choose trainers that looked the prettiest! These days we must think about whether we need Road or Trail trainers, Neutral or Stability, the Distance we’re looking to run, and also if you’re looking to chase a personal best. There’s a lot to factor in when making a decision and it’s definitely not an easy one!

Women tend to have a narrower heel than men. Women also tend to have wider hips, which means their feet are more likely to strike the ground toward the outside of their shoe soles. The inward rolling of the foot that results from this is known as pronation, which explains why more women are believed to overpronate than men. Women have less muscle mass and tend to weigh less as a result. For this reason, women’s shoes often have a lighter and softer midsole to make up for the lower degree of impact put on the shoe with each stride.

Before you start to surf the net or head out to the shops, sit down and think about what you want from a pair of trainers. Do you need stability? Are you training for a marathon or just want an everyday running shoe? A pair of decent running trainers aren’t cheap, so think before you buy. Look at them as an investment to help you become a better athlete and avoid injury.

Pretty Athletic Best Womens Running Trainers

Below is a list of my favourite running trainers for women and why:


In my eyes the Kayano’s are the ultimate stability shoe. They’re comfortable, provide good support and prevent excess pronation. I’ve ran many marathons in the Kayano’s and highly recommend them as a long-distance shoe. However, If you’re wanting a 5k PB, then these aren’t the shoe for you as they are a little on the heavy side. Nevertheless, they are possibly one of the most comfortable pair of trainers I’ve ever owned, which is down to the ‘Dynamic Duomax’ technology (a firmer foam under the inside of the arch to prevent overpronation) The good news is Asics are releasing the ‘Kayano Lite’ very soon.


It’s not a secret that these are a super-fast shoe! With a carbon plate and the same weight as a feather, there’s no doubt you’ll achieve personal bests in these shoes.  They’ve won world records and have become a huge favourite in the running community. They may be high on the price list and sell-out within minutes, However, are they worth it? I’m sure sub-2-hour marathon holder Eluid Kipchoge will help you with that answer 😊

Pretty Athletic Best Womens Trainers


Released early 2020, these have become a favourite for many runners. A trainer with more bounce from the FlyteFoam Blast midsole, making the NovaBlast a soft and responsive Asics shoe.  The thick midsole feels lightweight underfoot and because they’re light and springy, they have a very similar feel to the Nike Vapourfly, minus the carbon plate and price tag. As they do not have much support around the ankles, I would advise pronating runners not to race in these but use them for tempo, easy/recovery, and mid-distance runs.


The ULTRA & SOLAR BOOSTS are designed for long, steady runs. The first positive of these shoes is they have a neutral range and stability range. What first attracted me to these trainers is the style and colours. They’re extremely comfortable and have enough bounce to help you propel forward. They’re made out of recycled ocean plastic and have a plastic insert underneath the midsole called LEP (‘Linear Energy Push’), designed to give 15% more torsional rigidity – providing a stiffer ride to help you pick up the pace. I would highly recommend these for half and full marathons.

Whatever your goal is, make sure you take the time to list what you need out of a running shoe and choose wisely.


The author of this blog post on the best Running Shoes from Women is our fabulous Pretty Athletic ambassador Ania Gabb, marathon runner and ASICS Frontrunner.

What is your favourite running shoe? What do you think is the best running shoe? If you have any questions or comments for Ania please leave them below!




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