Best Running Shorts for Women

Best Running Shorts for Women

You may be one of those people that wears shorts for running all year round, even when it’s minus 2, or you’re a runner that ditches the leggings when springtime approaches. A running tan is definitely a thing these days and has become a social media craze where you show off your white feet and the lines from your shorts! However, what else goes into your decision on buying a pair of running shorts?

The main concerns when wearing shorts are you don’t want them to ride up, slip down, or create chaffing between the thighs. Although, there’s more to factor in… Do you need a zip pocket for accessories, do you prefer double layer shorts in the 2-in-1 style, built in knickers for comfort and hygiene, tight cycling shorts for comfort and anti-chaffing, short shorts in the style of hot pants for more movement (and to get a better tan!), loose shorts  or compression shorts? Then on top of those questions you’ve got  drawstring waist or elastic waist question. There’s a lot to think about when buying the perfect pair of shorts.

After buying so many pairs of shorts in the past and only wearing them once, I’m a lot more careful in my decision making. Why? Because I want to feel comfortable and confident when I run and would like to avoid the need to constantly yank my shorts down when they ride up. So, do your research and avoid wasting money on shorts you’d only wear once.

Best Running Shorts for Women

Here are a few of my favourites, as well as friends/athlete’s recommendations:


Depending on if you’re wanting the 5” longer shorts or the 3” shorter version, both are perfect for running and racing. With a drawstring waist, zip back pocket, inner knickers, and loads of ventilation so you don’t overheat. They don’t ride up or slip down, so in my eyes are perfect, especially for marathons. Just be aware that they don’t all have zip pockets, but the older styles do.


These have the drawstring waist but no zip pocket nor inner knickers, which could cause a little chaffing. However, they’re a perfect fit, don’t ride up or slip down and are super comfortable. The Icon shorts do have a drop-in pocket for storing smaller accessories. One of the great things about these shorts is they’re perfect in low-light conditions, as they feature reflective accents at the sides for visibility. They’re also a perfect length at 4”.


Some people dislike the tight, cycling shorts style, as we all know they’re not the most flattering of shorts. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for this style with the longer length that don’t budge, prevent chaffing and suck in the tummy, then the ‘Tokyo Sprint’ shorts are the ones for you! The ‘Future Tokyo Sprinter’ features a form-fitting design that's complemented with a drawcord waist tie for an adjustable fit. It also has a pocket for your mobile phone! Bonus! A firm favourite in the women’s running community.


A favourite of athlete Charlotte Purdue’s! Moisture-wicking, loose and breathable, flattering, and also reflectivity shines bright through low-light conditions. What’s amazing is these shorts are made from recycled content as part of Adidas’ ambition to end plastic waste. Features include a drawstring waist, key pocket (not zip), and inner knickers.


The perfect 2-in-1 shorts are possibly the most difficult to find these days. It’s very rare that they don’t ride up when you’re running or working-out. Nevertheless, I think New Balance have nailed this. How? By making the inner shorts just that little bit longer. They feature a drawstring waist, are low-rise for a stylish flattering look, they have a fast-drying technology that pulls moisture away from your body to help you work out with ease, and also have pockets on inner short for phone storage. I think someone has finally got this style of shorts right!

With shorts it is difficult to tell what style suits your body and meets your needs. I would always suggest reading reviews and asking runner friends for their recommendations and even trying a pair for peace of mind before you buy.

By Ania Gabb  @aniagabb



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